Republican Presidential Primary Vote Choice (June 2015)

Republican Presidential Primary Vote Choice (June 2015)

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Ted Cruz20%
Rick Perry12%
Scott Walker10%
Marco Rubio8%
Jeb Bush7%
Rand Paul6%
Ben Carson6%
Mike Huckabee5%
Carly Fiorina3%
Rick Santorum2%
Donald Trump2%
Chris Christie1%
John Kasich1%
Lindsey Graham1%
Bobby Jindal1%
George Pataki0%
Don't know15%

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Ted Cruz0%19%20%
Rick Perry17%6%13%
Scott Walker0%6%11%
Marco Rubio0%10%9%
Jeb Bush7%0%7%
Rand Paul32%21%5%
Ben Carson0%6%6%
Mike Huckabee0%2%5%
Carly Fiorina0%6%4%
Rick Santorum3%0%2%
Donald Trump7%5%1%
Chris Christie7%0%1%
John Kasich0%0%1%
Lindsey Graham4%0%1%
Bobby Jindal0%5%1%
George Pataki0%0%0%
Don't know23%14%14%

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categoryLean RepublicanNot very strong RepublicanStrong Republican
Ted Cruz26%14%20%
Rick Perry6%13%16%
Scott Walker11%5%15%
Marco Rubio12%7%7%
Jeb Bush5%11%6%
Rand Paul6%1%6%
Ben Carson9%5%4%
Mike Huckabee2%2%9%
Carly Fiorina4%6%2%
Rick Santorum2%3%1%
Donald Trump0%1%2%
Chris Christie0%4%0%
John Kasich3%0%0%
Lindsey Graham3%1%0%
Bobby Jindal0%2%0%
George Pataki1%0%0%
Don't know10%24%11%

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Ted Cruz21%13%22%
Rick Perry4%20%11%
Scott Walker0%0%12%
Marco Rubio0%7%9%
Jeb Bush4%12%6%
Rand Paul25%6%6%
Ben Carson4%1%7%
Mike Huckabee3%0%6%
Carly Fiorina6%5%3%
Rick Santorum5%1%2%
Donald Trump3%2%1%
Chris Christie2%2%1%
John Kasich0%0%1%
Lindsey Graham0%5%0%
Bobby Jindal0%0%1%
George Pataki2%0%0%
Don't know21%26%12%

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categoryLeaning conservativeSomewhat conservativeExtremely conservative
Ted Cruz15%22%25%
Rick Perry5%10%15%
Scott Walker5%15%15%
Marco Rubio8%11%6%
Jeb Bush9%7%2%
Rand Paul11%4%5%
Ben Carson7%6%8%
Mike Huckabee1%5%9%
Carly Fiorina4%5%1%
Rick Santorum2%1%3%
Donald Trump1%1%2%
Chris Christie4%0%0%
John Kasich3%1%0%
Lindsey Graham2%0%0%
Bobby Jindal1%1%2%
George Pataki1%0%0%
Don't know20%12%7%

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categoryDemocratRepublicanTea Party
Ted Cruz0%14%35%
Rick Perry8%17%7%
Scott Walker0%6%16%
Marco Rubio0%8%8%
Jeb Bush23%11%1%
Rand Paul36%4%5%
Ben Carson0%6%6%
Mike Huckabee0%6%5%
Carly Fiorina0%2%5%
Rick Santorum5%1%2%
Donald Trump4%3%0%
Chris Christie10%1%0%
John Kasich0%1%0%
Lindsey Graham0%1%0%
Bobby Jindal0%2%0%
George Pataki0%0%1%
Don't know14%17%9%

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Ted Cruz20%21%18%
Rick Perry12%0%14%
Scott Walker11%13%7%
Marco Rubio8%0%11%
Jeb Bush7%15%2%
Rand Paul7%0%3%
Ben Carson6%0%5%
Mike Huckabee5%0%5%
Carly Fiorina3%6%6%
Rick Santorum2%6%1%
Donald Trump1%7%2%
Chris Christie1%0%3%
John Kasich1%0%0%
Lindsey Graham1%0%0%
Bobby Jindal1%0%0%
George Pataki0%6%1%
Don't know14%25%20%

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Ted Cruz22%18%
Rick Perry10%15%
Scott Walker15%5%
Marco Rubio9%8%
Jeb Bush4%9%
Rand Paul7%5%
Ben Carson5%6%
Mike Huckabee5%4%
Carly Fiorina3%4%
Rick Santorum2%2%
Donald Trump2%1%
Chris Christie1%1%
John Kasich1%0%
Lindsey Graham0%2%
Bobby Jindal0%2%
George Pataki0%0%
Don't know13%17%

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Ted Cruz14%21%24%
Rick Perry12%13%11%
Scott Walker5%11%13%
Marco Rubio8%7%11%
Jeb Bush7%7%6%
Rand Paul6%7%4%
Ben Carson4%6%6%
Mike Huckabee5%4%8%
Carly Fiorina5%3%3%
Rick Santorum2%2%2%
Donald Trump3%1%3%
Chris Christie4%1%0%
John Kasich1%1%1%
Lindsey Graham2%1%0%
Bobby Jindal3%0%1%
George Pataki2%0%0%
Don't know18%17%7%

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Ted Cruz15%16%23%20%
Rick Perry19%13%10%12%
Scott Walker2%6%14%10%
Marco Rubio5%4%7%14%
Jeb Bush5%4%9%6%
Rand Paul12%12%4%4%
Ben Carson0%7%7%6%
Mike Huckabee3%4%4%7%
Carly Fiorina2%4%3%5%
Rick Santorum3%3%2%0%
Donald Trump4%4%0%1%
Chris Christie3%3%0%1%
John Kasich0%0%0%2%
Lindsey Graham1%2%0%2%
Bobby Jindal0%0%2%0%
George Pataki0%1%0%1%
Don't know25%17%15%9%

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categoryNo high schoolHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Ted Cruz18%22%21%14%22%16%
Rick Perry45%7%15%14%10%9%
Scott Walker0%13%12%5%7%12%
Marco Rubio11%9%7%12%6%9%
Jeb Bush6%8%7%7%8%0%
Rand Paul14%4%7%2%6%11%
Ben Carson0%7%2%7%11%4%
Mike Huckabee0%5%3%11%3%7%
Carly Fiorina0%2%2%10%4%6%
Rick Santorum0%1%0%6%2%3%
Donald Trump0%1%2%3%2%0%
Chris Christie0%0%1%0%1%4%
John Kasich0%1%0%0%2%2%
Lindsey Graham0%1%1%0%0%3%
Bobby Jindal0%0%1%0%1%4%
George Pataki0%1%0%1%0%0%
Don't know5%17%18%9%15%11%

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