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March 2021 Texas Politics Project/UT Energy Institute Poll

The Texas Politics Project just released the results of a March poll developed in conjunction with a team of researchers at the UT Energy Institute that asked dozens of questions about Texans’ experience during the winter storm, their attitudes toward causes and consequences of the storm, their views of, and expectations about, possible policy responses, and their views of how a wide range of actors from their neighbors and utility providers to state political leaders, regulatory bodies, and corporate actors. 

February 2021 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll

The February 2021 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll has been released, including evaluations of the new president, the integrity of U.S. and Texas elections, issues facing the legislature, a continued look at Texans' attitudes on the coronavirus pandemic, and more. Check in with our partners at The Texas Tribune for the latest results, then return back here for more.

October 2020 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll

The October 2020 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll includes responses to a large battery of questions on attitudes toward the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic and also explored a wide range of attitudes on race, policing, and more.

Texans on the Coronavirus

The April 2020 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll focussed almost exclusively on Texans' attitudes towards the coronavirus, including their own response along with their evaluations of the response of elected officials in Texas. Check out our polling search with the tag "coronavirus," it contains 78 items and over 1000 graphics of results.


Texas government responses to the current crises will be shaped by public attitudes, and in particular whether the deep partisan influences over perceptions of the state and the state's economy prevail as disaster sweeps over the state and the nation.