Numbers to Know from the Latest University of Texas / Texas Tribune Poll

Ross Ramsey wrote eight stories about the February 2018 University of Texas / Texas Tribune Poll between Monday and Thursday this week, and we highlighted some results related to the now-underway primary elections in Tribtalk Wednesday. Hopefully Ross is taking the day off, but here is a selection of number that we find interesting, important, or some combination of the two.  Much more analysis will come in the next few weeks.  In the entries below, the bold text after the numbers will link you to the specific result and additional tabs on our "Latest Poll" page.

66:  The percent of Democrats who said they hadn’t thought about it enough to have a choice when initially asked about their preference to be the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

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Lupe Valdez43%
Andrew White24%
Grady Yarbrough7%
Tom Wakely7%
Adrian Ocegueda5%
Jeffrey Payne5%
Cedric Davis, Sr.4%
Joe Mumbach3%
James Jolly Clark1%

81: Percent of Republicans who give Governor Greg Abbott a positive job approval rating.

83: Percent of Republicans who give President Donald Trump a positive job approval rating.

67:  Percent of Republicans who give Lt. Governor Dan Patrick a positive job approval rating.

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Approve strongly4%23%53%
Approve somewhat8%15%28%
Neither approve nor disapprove24%28%10%
Disapprove somewhat13%10%3%
Disapprove strongly46%10%2%
Don't know5%13%4%

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Approve strongly4%33%56%
Approve somewhat4%16%27%
Neither approve nor disapprove7%12%5%
Disapprove somewhat9%11%5%
Disapprove strongly76%26%6%
Don't know1%1%0%

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Approve strongly4%11%37%
Approve somewhat5%15%30%
Neither approve nor disapprove19%33%18%
Disapprove somewhat11%12%4%
Disapprove strongly50%12%3%
Don't know11%16%8%

-21:  The percentage point change in GOP approval of the FBI since June 2017.

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Very favorable32%6%6%
Somewhat favorable31%16%21%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable20%43%20%
Somewhat unfavorable9%12%29%
Very unfavorable4%20%19%
Don't know/no opinion4%4%4%

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Very favorable16%4%7%
Somewhat favorable34%28%36%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable29%20%18%
Somewhat unfavorable11%19%23%
Very unfavorable5%16%12%
Don’t know/no opinion5%12%3%

77: The percent of Democrats who believe the Trump campaign and Russia cooperated in 2016.

81: The percent of Republicans who think they didn’t cooperate.

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Don't know enough to say17%29%11%

72: The percent of Republicans who approve of the job Ted Cruz is doing as US Senator

50: The percent of Republicans who approve of the job John Cornyn is doing as US Senator

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Approve strongly4%8%43%
Approve somewhat7%22%29%
Neither approve nor disapprove12%15%9%
Disapprove somewhat10%18%7%
Disapprove strongly63%22%5%
Don't know5%15%6%

-9: Percentage point change in overall approval level of federal government response to Harvey – dropped from 57 percent to 48 percent.

-15:  Percentage point change in Republicans' approval level of federal government response to Harvey-- dropped from 76 percent to 61 percent.

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Approve strongly17%
Approve somewhat31%
Neither approve nor disapprove20%
Disapprove somewhat14%
Disapprove strongly11%
Don't know7%

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Approve strongly10%14%24%
Approve somewhat28%21%37%
Neither approve nor disapprove19%34%17%
Disapprove somewhat18%11%11%
Disapprove strongly18%9%4%
Don't know7%11%6%

-12: Change in the number of Texans who expressed neither a favorable or unfavorable opinion (or had none) of Beto O’Rourke since the October UT/TT poll.

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Very favorable17%
Somewhat favorable12%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable19%
Somewhat unfavorable7%
Very unfavorable7%
Don't know/no opinion39%

42: Percentage point increase of Republicans who say their family is better off economically than they were a year ago since Oct 2016 poll -- from 15 percent to 56 percent.

- 25: Pereentage point change in number of Democrats  who say their family is better off economically than they were a year ago since Oct 2016 poll -- dropped from 43 percent to 18 percent.

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PollBetterSame Compared to a Year AgoWorse
February 201016%44%41%
September 201020%34%45%
October 201020%39%41%
February 201116%49%34%
May 201118%45%37%
October 201113%39%48%
February 201215%43%41%
May 201215%45%40%
October 201214%47%38%
June 201322%39%38%
October 201315%41%42%
February 201422%47%32%
June 201422%46%32%
October 201422%42%35%
February 201524%47%29%
June 201519%54%27%
November 201526%42%33%
February 201620%43%37%
June 201618%45%34%
October 201614%47%37%
February 201730%52%17%
June 201732%52%14%
October 201744%39%16%
February 201856%34%10%
June 201851%38%8%
October 201861%32%6%
February 201959%33%6%
June 201959%30%8%
October 201960%32%6%
February 202065%25%7%
April 202041%33%23%
June 202034%48%16%
October 202033%46%19%
February 202120%50%28%
March 202121%48%31%
April 202120%53%27%
June 202120%49%28%
August 202115%46%37%
October 202114%42%43%
February 202216%37%46%
April 202214%31%54%
June 202210%24%66%
August 202212%33%52%
October 202211%27%61%
December 20228%32%58%
February 202311%29%59%
April 202317%29%53%
June 202315%31%53%
August 202311%31%58%
October 202314%28%59%
December 202318%30%52%
February 202417%29%53%
April 202421%24%54%

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PollBetterSame Compared to a Year AgoWorse
February 201025%41%34%
September 201031%41%27%
October 201027%40%32%
February 201128%44%27%
May 201126%45%27%
October 201120%48%33%
February 201226%51%23%
May 201229%50%20%
October 201240%47%13%
June 201335%43%23%
October 201333%41%26%
February 201437%40%23%
June 201441%39%19%
October 201440%39%19%
February 201539%46%15%
June 201537%48%14%
November 201533%46%20%
February 201628%51%19%
June 201630%49%19%
October 201643%42%14%
February 201723%49%26%
June 201717%56%26%
October 201716%55%28%
February 201818%51%29%
June 201820%48%31%
October 201815%49%33%
February 201920%46%32%
June 201920%47%32%
October 201922%44%30%
February 202020%49%29%
April 202018%32%48%
June 202014%36%48%
October 202012%44%41%
February 202117%49%30%
March 202122%51%23%
April 202123%52%20%
June 202128%49%20%
August 202125%50%23%
October 202124%49%24%
February 202229%42%28%
April 202224%42%31%
June 202218%41%40%
August 202222%46%29%
October 202217%43%37%
December 202221%42%36%
February 202325%39%33%
April 202326%40%32%
June 202325%43%30%
August 202326%40%33%
October 202325%39%33%
December 202331%41%25%
February 202438%38%22%
April 202435%39%24%

16: Percent of Republican women who have a favorable view of the #metoo movement.

66: Percent of Democratic women who have a favorable view of the #metoo movement.

51: Percent of independents who have an unfavorable view of the #metoo movement.

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Very favorable39%13%6%
Somewhat favorable27%5%10%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable16%30%19%
Somewhat unfavorable6%17%22%
Very unfavorable1%15%29%
Don't know/no opinion10%20%14%

55: Percent of Texas men who agreed that “The recent attention paid to the sexual harassment and assault of women in America is leading to the unfair treatment of men.”

34: Percent of Texas women who agreed with the same statement.

61: Percent of Republican women who agreed with the same statement.

72: Percent of Republican men who agreed with the same statement.

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Strongly agree22%9%
Somewhat agree34%24%
Somewhat disagree20%21%
Strongly disagree19%33%
Don't know/No opinion6%12%

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Strongly agree9%19%20%
Somewhat agree14%42%41%
Somewhat disagree25%10%18%
Strongly disagree43%14%14%
Don't know/No opinion9%16%8%

0: Change since June of 2016 in the percentage of Texans who said women experienced the most discrimination among a list of groups that also included Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, men, gays and lesbians, transgender people, Christians, and Muslims.

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African Americans21%
Gays and lesbians6%
Transgender people13%

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African Americans14%
Transgender people12%
Gays and lesbians11%


CORRECTION:  Earlier version garbled the Harvey numbers - they have been corrected and we regret the error. H/T @donforse