Second Reading Podcast: The Texas Legislature will finally take up redistricting next week

With the Texas legislature set to return next week to formally take up redistricting, Jim Henson and Joshua Blank talk preview how demographics, geography, and lots of politics will shape the redistricting process in the Capitol.

The podcast refers to some the graphics below in the course of the conversation.

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Very favorable31%26%17%
Somewhat favorable20%17%12%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable15%10%8%
Somewhat unfavorable11%12%14%
Very unfavorable20%34%46%
Don't know/No opinion4%2%4%

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Extremely concerned36%26%21%
Very concerned20%18%20%
Somewhat concerned22%27%19%
Not very concerned12%15%22%
Not at all concerned7%13%17%
Don't know/No opinion3%1%1%



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