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Pragmatic Approach to Changes to the U.S. Census Trumped by Nativist Attitudes in Texas GOP

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

Given the array of attitudes toward immigration and citizenship among the voters who dominate both the selection of GOP statewide candidates as well as the selection of winners in the general election, these elected officials' remain eternally vigilant in their efforts to remain on the right side of the electorate – and each other – on all things related to immigration. The result is that they continue to channel the nativist impulses that course through their base, for better or for worse when it comes to major policy consequences of the Trump Administration's proposed changes to the U.S. Census.


Taking Texas to Trial: Public Opinion on Texas' High Profile Cases

| By: Joshua Blank and Jim Henson

 When it comes to legal cases in general, and legal rights in particular, it's important to note that public opinion can often act as a poor guide to a just outcome, and in many cases, may have no relevance on particular legal proceedings. With that caveat aside, public opinion is useful in determining how elected officials, including the Attorney General, might react to court decisions, and further, whether the state chooses to push ahead in the legal process in the face of adverse decisions. 


Race, Ideology and Redistricting

| By: Adam Myers

Which groups in Texas believe most strongly that their members of Congress don't represent people "like them"? Liberal and moderate whites.