Post Date: December 2015

How Ted Cruz's Edge in Texas Helps Him in the Debate Showdown with Donald Trump

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

The immediate question about the mutually reinforcing phenomena of Cruz’s recent success in the polls and the attendant media attention he has received is whether Cruz is emerging from the pack to become a real contender for the GOP nomination.


The Size of the Tea Party Electorate in Texas

| By: Joshua Blank

To say that the Tea Party has exerted an influence on Texas Politics over the last half decade is a major understatement, but what often gets left unexplored is the relative size of the group of Texans who identify with the Tea Party in the face of their outsized presence in the GOP primary process.


Decoding Political Responses to the Planned Parenthood Shooting

| By: Joshua Blank and Jim Henson

The attitudes revealed in polling provide ready frames for political leaders on the left and right to use in crafting their responses to the sad and troubling events in Colorado Springs.