Post Date: February 2013

Race and Change in Voter ID Support

| By: Joshua Blank, PhD

Attorney General Greg Abbott's office has argued that Texans of all races strongly support voter ID. While this was true as recently as early 2011, the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll shows that there has been a sea change. 


Keywords: Race, Voter ID

The Partisan Split on Voting Rights

| By: Jim Henson, PhD

Overall, Texas voters — by a slight majority — believe the federal government should continue oversight of the state's changes in election laws, according to the October 2012 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. But partisans are split.


Obama's Job Approval in Texas

| By: Joshua Blank, PhD

Heading into President Obama’s fifth State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, we thought it would be worth rehashing his approval numbers here in Texas. 


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Cruz Beats Drum on Immigration

| By: Jim Henson, PhD and Joshua Blank, PhD

If Ted Cruz seems to be marching out of step with GOP leaders attempting to lower the volume on the party’s immigration rhetoric, results from the last UT/Texas Tribune poll suggest the drumbeat he's listening to is the one being played by his voters.


Keywords: Immigration, Ted Cruz