Second Reading Podcast: Why Abbott is buoyed by his border policies + Texas GOP responses to the latest Trump indictment

In a new Second Reading Podcast, Jim Henson and Josh Blank discuss the politics of Greg Abbott’s latest testing of the boundaries of support for his border policies, and look at the impact in Texas, or lack thereof, of the latest Trump indictments. See below the player for links to UT/Texas Politics Project Poll data discussed in the podcast.

Snapshots of Texans' reviews of state border security policy.

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Approve strongly7%8%23%
Approve somewhat11%23%39%
Neither approve nor disapprove15%12%11%
Disapprove somewhat18%18%11%
Disapprove strongly45%32%12%
Don't know4%6%6%

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Too much44%17%12%
Too little19%44%60%
About the right amount22%20%22%
Don't know/No opinion15%20%7%

Snapshots of trend in Donald Trump favorability ratings

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categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201534%51%12%
Feb. 201629%59%9%
June 201631%56%10%
Oct. 201631%58%9%
Feb. 201745%46%7%
Oct. 202046%48%6%
Feb. 202146%46%8%
June 202147%47%6%
Oct. 202143%48%6%
Feb. 202243%46%10%
Apr. 202245%47%7%
June 202242%48%11%
Aug. 202241%50%9%
Oct. 202244%47%9%
Dec. 202242%48%11%
Feb. 202341%48%11%
Apr. 202342%48%9%
June 202344%48%8%
Aug. 202341%51%8%

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categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201554%31%12%
Feb. 201647%41%10%
June 201653%32%13%
Oct. 201660%30%10%
Feb. 201781%12%6%
Oct. 202085%12%4%
Feb. 202185%9%7%
June 202186%8%5%
Oct. 202182%12%6%
Feb. 202280%13%7%
Apr. 202279%10%10%
June 202276%12%11%
Aug. 202276%14%9%
Oct. 202282%9%9%
Dec. 202275%17%9%
Feb. 202379%12%10%
Apr. 202378%16%6%
June 202376%16%8%
Aug. 202379%15%7%

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categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201528%46%22%
Feb. 201632%55%10%
June 201630%51%16%
Oct. 201627%61%12%
Feb. 201742%45%12%
Oct. 202027%55%17%
Feb. 202136%43%20%
June 202134%49%16%
Oct. 202126%55%13%
Feb. 202237%49%14%
Apr. 202235%51%11%
June 202227%51%22%
Aug. 202228%53%18%
Oct. 202233%51%17%
Dec. 202228%53%19%
Feb. 202328%54%19%
Apr. 202328%57%15%
June 202333%55%12%
Aug. 202334%53%12%

About the Second Reading podcast. The podcast has been produced intermittently by Jim Henson for the Texas Politics Project, with production support from UT's Liberal Arts Development Studio, since 2016. You can find past episodes and subscribe to the Second Reading podcast in Apple PodcastsSpotify,  and Stitcher.

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