Abortion Attitudes in Texas and the 2014 Governor's Race

In her new memoir, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis recently revealed that she terminated two pregnancies, one in 1994 due to an ectopic pregnancy (a situation that is life-threatening to the mother), and one in 1997, in which doctors informed Davis of a serious fetal abnormality. In the June 2014 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, we asked registered voters in Texas under what circumstances they felt it would be okay for a woman to obtain an abortion, including when the woman's life was in danger and when "there is a strong chance of a serious defect in the baby." Overall, 76% of Texans thought a woman should be allowed to have an abortion when her life was in danger, and 57% thought that a woman should be able to obtain an abortion when there was a strong chance of a serious fetal abnormality.

Abortion attitudes in Texas


Abortion by Party Identification