• Donald Trump Campaigning

    NEW RELEASE: June 2016 University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll
    The University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll asked Texans about the 2016 Election, their views of the parties, immigration, international trade, discrimination, transgender bathroom access, and more. Check back here all week for results and analysis.

  • Texas Politics Webtext
    The Texas Politics Project Webtext provides a comprehensive account of the workings of Texas state government.

  • The Texas Politics Speaker Series

    The Texas Politics Project hosts regular events with politicians, pundits, and journalists. Go to our events page to see what's coming up or to watch an interview from the archive.

  • Online Education Courses

    Online Education
    The Texas Politics Project offers online courses in Politics and Government in Contemporary Texas, which fulfill the second semester requirement in the GOVT2301/2302 sequence or the GOV312 requirement at UT-Austin.

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