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February 2017 University of Texas Texas/Tribune Poll

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey of 1,200 registered voters was conducted from February 3 to 10 and has an overall margin of error of +/- 2.83 percentage points.

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Question Keywords
Affordable Care Act (February 2017) Affordable Care Act
Approaches to Texas Having Less Money Than in 2015 (February 2017) Texas Legislature
Availability of Abortion (February 2017) Abortion
Banning Syrian Refugees (February 2017) Refugees
Creating a School Voucher Program (February 2017) Education
Dan Patrick Job Approval (February 2017) Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor
Direction of Texas (February 2017) Direction of Texas
Direction of Texas Trend Direction of Texas
Direction of the Country (February 2017) Direction of the Country
Direction of the Country Trend Direction of the Country
Donald Trump Favorability (February 2017) Donald Trump
Donald Trump Job Approval (February 2017) Donald Trump
Economic Stabilization Fund (February 2017) Texas Legislature
Expanding State-Funded Pre-K (February 2017) Education, Pre-K
Expanding the Number of Charter Schools (February 2017) Education
Expansion of Affordable Care Act (February 2017) Affordable Care Act, Healthcare
Federal Government Favorability (February 2017) Federal Government
Financial Situation in the Current Legislative Session (February 2017) 85th Legislature, Budget and Taxes, Texas Legislature
Grading Individual Schools (February 2017) Education
Greg Abbott Job Approval (February 2017) Governor, Greg Abbott
Hold a Constitutional Convention (February 2017) Constitution, Constitutional Amendments
Hold a Convention of the States (February 2017) Constitution, Constitutional Amendments
Illegal Immigrants and Tuition Rate (February 2017) Higher Education, Immigration
Incentives to Choose Teaching as Profession (February 2017) Education
Increasing Funding for Public Schools (February 2017) Education, Public Education
Increasing Online Learning Opportunities (February 2017) Education
Increasing Teacher Pay (February 2017) Education
Is Trump Honest and Trustworthy (February 2017) Donald Trump, The President
Joe Straus Job Approval (February 2017) Joe Straus
John Cornyn Job Approval (February 2017) John Cornyn
Knowledge of Texas Railroad Commission (February 2017) Railroad Commission
Left Behind by Changes in the Economy (February 2017) Economy, Microeconomics
Legalization of Marijuana (February 2017) Marijuana
Legislating Access to Public Facilities (February 2017) Transgender
Legislature Overriding Measures Adopted by Local Governments (February 2017) Texas Legislature
Legislature Overriding Measures Adopted by Voters (February 2017) Texas Legislature
Local Government Favorability (February 2017) State and Local
Mike Pence Favorability (February 2017) Mike Pence
Military Favorability (February 2017) Military
Most Effective in Improving K-12 Education (February 2017) Education
Most Important Problem Facing Texas (February 2017) Most Important Problem - State
Most Important Problem Facing the Country Today (February 2017) Most Important Problem - Country
Most Trusted Branch of Government (February 2017) Federal Government, President, U.S. Congress, U.S. Supreme Court
Muslim Immigration Ban (February 2017) Immigration
National Economic Conditions (February 2017) Economy, Macroeconomics
National Economic Conditions Trend Economy, Macroeconomics
Personal Economic Conditions (February 2017) Microeconomics
Personal Economic Conditions Trend Microeconomics, Texas Economy
Police Favorability (February 2017) Police
Quality of K-12 School Education in Texas (February 2017) Education
Quality of Trump's Presidency (February 2017) Donald Trump, President
Redirect State Tax Revenue to Help Parents Pay Private School Costs (February 2017) Budget and Taxes, Education
Reducing Number of Standardized Tests (February 2017) Education
Repeal of Affordable Care Act (February 2017) Affordable Care Act, Healthcare
Replacement of Affordable Care Act (February 2017) Affordable Care Act, Healthcare
Sanctuary Cities (February 2017) Immigration, Sanctuary Cities
Tea Party Identification (February 2017) Republican Party, Tea Party
Tea Party Identification Trend Republican Party, Tea Party
Tea Party Influence (February 2017) Republican Party, Tea Party
Ted Cruz Job Approval (February 2017) Ted Cruz
Temporarily Block Entry into the U.S. (February 2017) Immigration
Texas Economic Conditions (February 2017) Texas Economy
The Courts Favorability (February 2017) Judiciary, Texas Judiciary
The Texas State Government Favorability (February 2017) State Government
Top Priorities in Budget (February 2017) Budget and Taxes
Transgender Access to Public Restrooms (February 2017) Transgender
Trump's Temperament (February 2017) Donald Trump
U.S. Congress Job Approval (February 2017) U.S. Congress
Vladimir Putin Favorability (February 2017) Vladimir Putin