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June 2017 University of Texas Texas/Tribune Poll

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey of 1,200 registered voters was conducted from June 2 to 11 and has an overall margin of error of +/- 2.83 percentage points.

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Question Keywords
Does Donald Trump Have the Temperament to Serve as President? (June 2017) Donald Trump
A Sincerely Held Religious Belief is a Legitimate Reason to Exempt Someone From Anti-Discrimination Laws (June 2017) Discrimination, Religion
Ability to Vote for Single Party on Ballot (June 2017) Voting/Elections
Affordable Care Act Favorability (June 2017) Affordable Care Act, Healthcare, Obamacare
American Health Care Act Awareness (June 2017) Healthcare
American Health Care Act Favorability (June 2017) Healthcare
Belief In Coordination Between Trump Campaign and Russia in 2016 Election (June 2017) 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Russia
Beto O'Rourke Favorability (June 2017) Beto O'Rourke
Dan Patrick Job Approval (June 2017) Dan Patrick
Direction of Texas Trend Direction of Texas, Trends
Direction of the Country Trend Direction of the Country, Trends
Donald Trump Approval (June 2017) Donald Trump
Ensure that Police Officers Have the Right to Question Immigration Status (June 2017) Immigration, Police
Gay Marriage Opinion (June 2017) Gay Marriage
Greg Abbott Job Approval (June 2017) Greg Abbott
Hold a Convention of the States (June 2017) Constitution
How Closely Have You Been Following Texas Legislature? (June 2017) 85th Legislature
Importance of Legislating Bathroom Access for Transgender People (June 2017) LGBTQ
Increase State Spending on Pre-K Programs (June 2017) Education, Pre-K
Is Donald Trump Competent? (June 2017) Donald Trump
Is Donald Trump Honest and Trustworthy? (June 2017) Donald Trump
Joe Straus Job Approval (June 2017) Joe Straus
John Cornyn Job Approval (June 2017) John Cornyn
Limit Ability of Local Governments to Raise Property Taxes (June 2017) Budget and Taxes, Property Tax, Taxes and Spending
Make It Illegal to Text While Driving (June 2017) Transportation
National Economic Conditions Trend Economy, Macroeconomics, Trends
Penalty for Registered Voters Not Showing Identification (June 2017) Voting Rights, Voting/Elections
Perception of National Economy (June 2017) Economy
Perception of Personal Economic Circumstances (June 2017) Microeconomics
Perception of Texas Economy (June 2017) Texas Economy
Personal Economic Conditions Trend Microeconomics, Texas Economy, Trends
Redirect State Tax Revenue to Help Parents Pay Private School Costs (June 2017) Education
Reduce Business Margins Taxes (June 2017) Budget and Taxes, Tax Cuts, Taxes and Spending
Reduce State Funding For Higher Education (June 2017) Higher Education
Require Local Law Enforcement to Cooperate with Immigration Authorities (June 2017) Immigration, Police
Require the Burial or Cremation of Fetal Remains (June 2017) Abortion
Right Direction or Wrong Track, Texas (June 2017) Direction of Texas
Right Direction or Wrong Track, United States (June 2017) Direction of the Country
Russia Favorability (June 2017) Russia
Set Statewide Rules for Ride Hailing Services (June 2017) Transportation
Someone With Good Ideas For Texas (June 2017) None
Take Authority To Set Tuition Rates Away from Public Colleges/Universities and Give To Legislature (June 2017) Higher Education
Tea Party Identification Trend Republican Party, Tea Party, Trends
Ted Cruz Favorability (June 2017) Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz Job Approval (June 2017) Ted Cruz
Texas Government Serves as a Good Model (June 2017) Texas Model of Government
Texas Legislature Job Approval (June 2017) 85th Legislature, Texas Legislature
Texas Spending on Higher Education (June 2017) Higher Education
Texas Spending on Primary and Secondary Education (June 2017) Education
Type of Penalty for Registered Voters Not Showing Identification (June 2017) Voting Rights, Voting/Elections
US Congress Job Approval (June 2017) U.S. Congress
Was the Outcome of the 2016 Election Influenced by Russia? (June 2017) 2016 Election, Russia
Who Is Responsible for Property Taxes (June 2017) Budget and Taxes, Property Tax, Taxes and Spending
Who Russian Influence Helped (June 2017) 2016 Election, Russia