K-12 Public Education Priority

March 01, 2023

K-12 Public Education Priority for the 88th Texas Legislature from Feb. 2023 UT/TXP Poll.

Immigration and the Economy Top Voter Concerns

October 21, 2022

Immigration, the border, and the staet economy remain top issues for Texas voters heading into the 2022 Texas Elections.

Busing Asylum Seekers

September 14, 2022

A majority of voters expressed support for the state's policy of busing asylum seekers out of state in the latest UT/TXP Poll.

March 02, 2023
As Texas elected officials debating how spend a historic budget surplus, the latest UT/TXP Poll suggests that state leaders’ persistent focus on reducing property tax bills finds a broadly receptive audience in the Texas electorate, even though perennial problems such as border security, school safety, and mental health loom larger in the minds of Texas voters. Read more...
February 18, 2023
While there is plenty of subtext to Gov. Greg Abbott’s state of the state address, the topline takeaways are the items designated as emergencies by the governor... Read more...
February 15, 2023
Greg Abbott will deliver the fifth State of the State address from San Marcos Thursday, February 16th, presenting the opportunity to direct public attention to his agenda and to send signals to the Legislature and other state leaders about his legislative priorities.  Read more...
February 14, 2023
In the latest Second Reading podcast, Jim Henson and Josh Blank look at Gov. Abbott's polling numbers and political positioning going into this weeks State of the State address. Read more...