Kay Bailey Hutchison Doing Poorly in Lubbock Poll

Evan Smith sent me this link to a poll in Lubbock County that has Gov. Rick Perry leading Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison 52-37 among Lubbock County voters, with 11% undecided.  The video I saw was vague on the details of the poll done by Mike Stevens, who I don’t know. (I’ll try to send him an email — if you see this, Mike, could you please send me more info on the poll, like confirming what the sample is here and MOE?)

Lubbock is obviously a heavily Republican county and a conservative one to boot — Hutchison ran 21 points stronger than her statewide total there in 2006, and Perry ran 5 points stronger.  (Don’t read too much into the 21 v. 5 comparison — remember, his was the four-way race, and Kinky Friedman and Carole Strayhorn got about 33 points between them in Lubbock.) In 2008, McCain/Palin beat Obama/Biden there 68-31.

Not many local polls have been made public, but this one confirms the rumor mill: One, Perry’s lead in conservative areas of the state is a few points above what the UT/Trib poll found statewide. And, two, the impression that, as of now, the Hutchison campaign is floundering if they are really trying to peel conservative voters away from Perry in significant numbers.

This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at http://www.texastribune.org/2009/12/18/kay-bailey-hutchison-doing-poorly-in-lubbock-poll/.