Gun Violence Prevention Policy Internship

Offered By: 
Texas Gun Sense
Job Location: 
Job Description: 
Texas Gun Sense (TGS) advocates for common sense, evidence-based policies to reduce gun injuries and deaths. There is much to do and few resources. The opportunity in this situation is that the TGS Executive Director will work with the intern to develop a job description that meets the needs/interests of the intern and benefits TGS. The TGS Executive Director, Gyl Switzer, is new in the ED position but has much experience in local, state, federal and nonprofit positions. She has worked with a variety of interns in various positions. Students interested in any/all of the following topics are encouraged to contact to ED: gun violence prevention; gun safety/accident prevention; domestic violence prevention; research and data analysis; social media; suicide prevention; race and gun violence; grant writing; legislative interactions; policy development and implementation; interaction with state agencies/policy makers; veterans; etc.
Application Instructions: 
Please send a resume to Prefer graduate student but will consider smart and motivated undergrads.
Experience Required: 
Contact Information: 512-903-4186
Type of Internship: 
The ED works out of her home. Much of the work can be done electronically. However, when needed, as frequently as necessary, arrangements can be made to meet in locations such as libraries, UT, coffee shops, ED's home.
Posted By: 
Gyl Switzer
Expiration Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018