Tea Party Identification Trend

Tea Party Identification Trend

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categoryDemocratRepublicanTea Party
February 201036%21%16%
May 201033%19%23%
September 201033%20%18%
October 201033%18%20%
February 201134%16%22%
May 201133%16%23%
October 201133%20%24%
February 201237%16%22%
May 201234%22%18%
October 201236%16%17%
February 201336%17%20%
June 201338%18%20%
October 201338%22%19%
February 201437%21%21%
June 201438%20%22%
October 201440%23%20%
February 201534%24%18%
June 201534%24%18%
November 201535%22%17%
February 201636%22%12%
June 201633%22%14%
October 201637%20%17%
February 201738%24%15%
June 201739%21%16%
October 201737%22%17%

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Month and YearTea PartyRepublican Party
February 201026%41%
May 201033%37%
September 201030%39%
October 201031%36%
February 201137%30%
May 201141%30%
October 201140%36%
February 201240%31%
May 201233%44%
October 201232%34%
February 201338%35%
June 201335%40%
October 201334%43%
February 201436%42%
June 201442%38%
October 201437%43%
February 201533%47%
June 201530%47%
November 201531%44%
February 201623%49%
June 201626%46%
October 201631%41%
February 201727%50%
June 201729%44%
October 201729%43%

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