The Revised and Expanded Editions of the Texas Politics Webtext


The Texas Politics Project webtext provides a comprehensive account of the workings of Texas state government. The Basic Version includes all twelve chapters from the original Texas Politics Project textbook, but updated and optimized for online learning, with integrated multimedia, roll-over vocabulary, and clickable footnotes. Students and instructors can access this version here at no charge. 

The Course Version also includes the twelve revised chapters based on the original Texas Politics Project online textbook, but in addition, provides access to Soomo Learning features that help students better engage with the material, and help instructors monitor and assist students with the goal of promoting student success. These features include: 

- Study questions that frequently reinforce student learning;

- Progress indicators that both individual students and course instructors can use to monitor progress on reading and study questions;

- The ability for students to highlight and take notes within the Web text;

- LMS integration (including Blackboard and Canvas), learning analytics, course customization, and access to a robust test bank for instructors.

The Course Version is free to instructors, with an affordable $55 subscription for students (with an option for a print-on-demand version at a low additional cost). This package enable us to offer enhanced learning tools based on established Texas Politics content that instructors at colleges and universities across the state have been using for years. To learn more, go to the Texas Politics Page at Soomo Learning and/or watch our webinar.


Looking for This?


The Texas Politics Project has moved its online textbook to a new platform, hosted by Soomo Learning. To learn all about the new and exciting features available in our updated Webtext, please take a look at the main space of this page. 

Additionally, the Texas Politics Project page at Soomo Learning provides a comprehensive explanation of the new features available through their learning platform.

If you're simply looking for the free version of the textbook whether for reference or for the classroom, it is still available, as always, right here.